This website will host the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto written by Aaron Swartz in 2008, its translation into serveral languages and a list of projects, groups and organizations that support free/open knowledge. The manifesto is in public domain, please, see here. All the content of this site is also intended to be in public domain.

There are translations so far to  (in order of appearence):

  1. Portuguese (Português)
  2. Chinese (中文)
  3. French (Français)
  4. Italian (Italiano)
  5. Latvian (Latviešu)
  6. Spanish (Español)
  7. Servian (Srpski)
  8. Russian (Русский)
  9. German (Deutsch)
  10. Turkish (Türkçe)
  11. Polish (Polski)
  12. Farsi (فارسی)
  13. Bengali (বাংলা)
  14. Danish (Dansk)
  15. Catalan (Català)
  16. Arabic (العربية)
  17. Greek (Ελληνικά)
  18. Dutch (Nederlands)
  19. Korean (한국어)
  20. Romanian (Română)
  21. Swedish (Svenska)
  22. മലയാളം (Malayalam)
  23. کوردی (Kurdish)
  24. Македонски (Macedonian)
  25. Български (Bulgarian)

If you want the manifesto in your language published here or want to help the project, please, leave a comment bellow. Suggestions welcome.

All the versions of the manifesto are on this git repository.


  1. Hello, I found this site, and commit a translated of manifesto into Traditional Chinese(正體中文), and also hope can switch the Chinese version to Simplified Chinese(简体中文).

    Thank you!!

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